2017 Voice, Swallow & Airway Conference

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Where RESEARCH meets CLINICAL practice:

Evaluation and treatment of voice, swallow, and airway disorders-past, present, and future


This course is
offered for 2.5 CEUs.

Topics and Speakers:

  • Reflexive Cough Test (Robert Stephens, PhD)
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation (Bari Hoffman Ruddy, PhD, CCC-SLP & Christine Sapienza, PhD, CCC-SLP)
  • FEES/Videostroboscopy (Rebecca Gould, MSC & Andrew Christler, MA)
  • Weaning Patients from Reflux Medication (Joseph Spiegel, MD)
  • Food, Not Medicine, for Acid Reflux Disease & What SLP should know about Acid Reflux (Jonathan Aviv, MD)
  • Voice and Swallow Rehabilitation (Rebecca L. Gould, MSC,CCC-SLP, BCS-S , Teresa Biber LoMonte, MS,CCC-SLP, & Brad Smith MS, CLT-SLP)
  • Myth Busters (Meron Levitats, MD)
  • Identification of Hospitalized Patients at Risk for Aspiration (Emir Festic, MD, MSc)
  • Beyond RSVT-Meditation? Alternative Therapies that Compliment Voice Therapy (Rosemary Ostrowski, MM, MS, CCC-SLP & Katherine Verdolini Abbott, PhD, CCC-SLP)
  • True Vocal Fold Paresis and Minimal Glottal Insufficiency in the Aging Population (Peak Woo, MD)
  • Preventing Dysphagia Following Head & Neck Cancer (Lisette van der Molen, PhD)
  • Mucosal Hygiene (All)
  • Anterior Cervical Fusion (Michael Reed, DPT, OCS)
  • Somatics and AAT applications in the Voice Clinic (Dan Sherwood, MS, CCC-SLP)
  • Chronic Cough- (Mark R. Stein, MD)

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