FAQ's / What is aphasia and what causes it?

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Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that is caused by damage to the language centers of the brain. Various types of aphasia exist and the damage can be caused by numerous factors. Injury to the language centers of the brain is most commonly caused by stroke, but can also be caused by blows to the head, gunshot/knife wounds, brain tumor, and other sources of traumatic brain injury. Most people, especially those who are right-hand dominant (right-handed), will acquire aphasia if they receive brain injury to the left side of the brain. However, for some people, the right side of the brain houses the language centers; therefore, right side damage may also result in aphasia. Individuals who have acquired aphasia may have been able to read, write, speak, and listen very effectively before injury to their brain, and are now limited in their ability to do so. READ MORE