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30 Minutes Therapy Session via Telehealth



Telehealth is using telecommunications technology in real time (like skype) to deliver speech language pathology professional services at a distance by connecting the speech therapist to client/patient for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation.

MedSpeech can provide nearly all the services listed on our main page via teleheatlh.

Trained speech-language pathologists, in real time, will:

Evaluate your speech/voice using the appropriate instrumentations
Provide exercises and work with you to best perform these for carry over
Work with you to develop and reach your speech/communicaiton goals

These services are considered synchronous. Synchronous services are conducted with interactive audio and video connection in real time to create an in-person experience similar to that achieved in a traditional encounter.

The benefits:

  • No travel time!
  • Flexible schedule
  • Clinicians will help you reach your goals in yur own home/office!
  • Gain quicker access to specialty care.
  • Do not have to travel great distances to see a specialist
  • Consult with nationally renowned specialists about your issues in the environment that you communicate most
  • Through Telehealth consults, patients are often able to participate in clinical trials and therapies unavailable in many rural areas.