Stuttering Evaluation




MedSpeech has developed this personalized instrument to help with the diagnosis and treatment of stuttering. Stuttering is a communication disorder in which the flow of speech is broken by repetitions (li-li-like this), prolongations (lllllike this), or abnormal blocking (no sound) of sounds and syllables. There may also be unusual facial and body movements associated with the effort to speak. Stuttering is also referred to as stammering.

This is an asynchronous service model. In asynchronous services, images or video are captured (i.e. made into a DVD) for viewing and interpretation by a speech pathologist with advanced training and knowledge of stuttering and speech fluency.

A full diagnostic report with detailed information will be completed in an easy to read format. A detailed list of recommendations and strategies will be included.

The benefits:

  • No travel time!
  • Flexible schedule
  • Appropriate for all clients with concerns about their/their child’s fluency
  • Clinicians will help you reach your goals in yur own home/office!
  • Gain quicker access to specialty care.
  • Do not have to travel great distances to see a specialist
  • Consult with nationally renowned specialists about your issues in the environment that you communicate most
  • Through Telehealth consults, patients are often able to participate in clinical trials and therapies unavailable in many rural areas