I suffered from breathing problems for over a year. I was gasping for breath and doctors were unable to find the cause. I was finally referred to MedSpeech and have been receiving therapy for the past several weeks. Rebecca, Crystal, and Katy have given me my life back. I am so impressed by their knowledge and caring personalities. I cannot begin to express my thanks for the wonderful care I have received.

Linda Amero

The staff at MedSpeech has been exceptional! Rebecca has tremendously helped me with my vocal issues in the short time of a week and a half. I was experiencing a lot of throat pain and hoarseness when both talking and singing and I aspire to sing as a side job in the future! Rebecca’s professional, positive and friendly approach made me feel well and truly valued as a client. I felt very cared for under Rebecca’s care and cannot sing her praises high enough. I travel a lot for work and unfortunately have to leave town, but I will be back to MedSpeech again as soon as I can.

Ainsley Gower

There are those things that happen in life that you just don’t expect.
When my doctor diagnosed me with primary progressive aphasia, I didn’t know where to turn first.
My doctor recommended that I go to MedSpeech. I didn’t know what I was in for.
This was the exact medicine that the doctor ordered and I have thanked him countless times for the recommendation.
I found Katy my therapist who has made all the difference to my family and to me. Through many sessions, I never felt any less than the most important person there. She has the patience to work with one that doesn’t understand what has happened, remedied the frustration, and importantly worked with me on my day to day involvement with work, friends, and importantly family. She has given me the confidence to continue on with my life not as it was but with the limits I have.
This was a life saving recommendation and I thank MedSpeech for being there. I would strongly recommend them, and can say for certain that it made a major difference in my life.

Roy Hamlin

About one year ago, my wife had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on me to dislodge some food from my airway. As a sufferer from Parkinson’s disease, I knew that the disease was now in the process of weakening my throat muscles and affecting my swallowing. So in order to fight the disease, I relied on the experts at MedSpeech to teach me the proper way to swallow my food so the blockage would not happen again. They have been eminently successful.
Since going to them, I have learned how to chew my food and swallow it properly. In addition, I am working with the staff on my ability to speak clearly, and to cure my “mush mouth” that has also been the result of my Parkinson’s disease. I have nothing but praise for Rebecca, Kathryn and the other staff at MedSpeech for helping me to lead a better way of life.

John Doe

I take long walks when I feel lonely
Although they’re only in my mind
And on those walks in times of need
When shaking never stills
I’m comforted and realigned
By some brilliant basic skills
Punctuation, gesticulation and breathing, my oh my
Commas, periods, pause and think…
Were never friends in times gone bye

All closest friends have noticed
My family comments too
In the success I’ve had
With credit given all to you
I guess it would be rude
And I know I’d be remiss
If dear Shel who has inspired me
Wasn’t mentioned, he’d be

Dr. Perrin L. Blank

This place is amazing and a miracle. After a few session my husband did not recognize my voice. I couldn’t be understood for 3 years.

Margie Weinberg

The functionality of a person’s voice is the single most vital part of their ability to communicate. For roughly 20 years I dealt with a poor ability to communicate initiating when I was in high school and had nodules from excessive yelling playing sports. Over the years, assuming the issue was nodule related, I visited with numerous doctors and therapists in attempts to diagnose and correct my impaired ability to communicate. On my first visit to Med-Speech I met with Andrew, in less than 30 minutes he diagnosed the issue as a rare case of Puberphonia and set a treatment plan in motion. His passion and enthusiasm for his profession is incredible and shows clearly in is work.

Over a few months of visits with Rebecca & Andrew I came to realize that my lifelong problem may have finally reached a conclusion. Before my treatment, I had extreme difficulty or sometimes no ability at all to communicate in the loud environments I spend so much time in (trade shows & race tracks). After treatment from Med-Speech I’ve worked many tradeshows and races with zero voice issues and many compliments on how much easier it is to understand me. The results are truly amazing. Words can’t express my gratification for the truly life changing treatment I received at Med-Speech.


Thank you for your great support and efforts in the help of laryngectomee rehabilitation.

Frans Hilgers, MD, PhD

Hi Rebecca, I just realized I still have your e-mailed address. How are you? The shows are unbelief able. I haven’t been hoarse one time. Thanks for believing I could do it. I’ve done 32 shows already. I have 4 more days left in Japan then we go to Seoul, Korea for 10 days.

Love, Diana

However, my reason for writing is to thank you for all you did for Lewis and the impression you made on him was better than medical treatment. He is really doing remarkably well. He has remembered all your instructions and does abide by them most of the time. He eats every thing, more slowing and thanks to you became relax about the entire problem which has become almost no problem. Thank you from both of us.

Lee W. Marks

As a Radiologist I have worked at different times in association with Rebecca’s diagnosis and treatment involving patients with Dysphagia. I personally learned a great deal and have the greatest respect for her abilities. Her knowledge has inspired me to take a more active part in our speech pathology workups, and to gain further education using her workshops.

Willian B. Miller, MD

Her knowledge base is exceptional and matched only by her compassion and care in helping patients. She has been instrumental in organizing a nationally attended annual meeting with multidisciplinary appeal to both physicians and speech therapist involved in communicative and swallowing disorders.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD

I have worked with Ms. Gould for over a decade, and found her to be the best speech pathologist that I have ever encountered. Her knowledge and expertise in swallowing disorders far surpasses most of my physician counters, as one would expect from the organizer of an excellent swallowing disorder course which she has held annually for the last five years.

H. Steven Block, MD

Thank you so much for allowing me to observe you. I think you are truly a gift to your profession, (maybe mine too some day!). You opened a new door for me by allowing me to see first hand what a Speech Pathologist really does. Freely, you spent your time teaching, advising and listening to me. You belong to the group of givers. I hope that some day I will have an opportunity do repay you personally and or professionally.

Lorie Mesches Goldberg

Ms. Gould’s re-evaluation indicated that Lillian did have the potential to progress, and was therefore eligible for Medicare. Her program, however, differed from the previous therapists’ in that her approach was to enable Lillian to communicate her needs by other means than just rebuilding a word bank. This included writing, drawing rude sketches-Lillian was a fine artist prior to the stroke and can still sketch-and by sign language. “Do whatever works”, she told us.

Robert A. Huttemeyer

Rebecca Gould, who had the patience of a saint, succeeded against all odds in returning my ability to swallow, thereby assuring me of a much more normal life…

Samuel Segal

Thank you for your kindness and respect you have shown my mom, as well as your exceptional professional expertise. You have all contributed in such a positive way to her recovery and well being.

Karen Rogner

Rebecca Gould thanks for your skill and devotion that solved my problem.

Norm Smith

On my first visit with Ms. Gould (6/7/04) she performed a Fiberoptic Endoscopic Examination of Swallowing. The study indicated I have a mild to moderate Pharyngeal Phase Dysphagia with weakness related to a cervical osteophyte or “out pouching”. It became clear that I had some restrictions in swallowing in the conventional manner.

During the “FEES” I was directed to turn my head to the left and to the right as I swallowed the different foods and beverages. I even brought along one of my big pills that often lodged in my throat. By turning to either side, swallowing became easier and the foods, beverages, pills went down with more ease. Ms. Gould felt I would benefit from swallowing therapy, so I agreed to take her advice….

Eva Piedimonte

Having recently completed many sessions of voice therapy with you, I can assess what I have accomplished and what my goals are. You have given me confidence that I can achieve better quality and tone as measured by the recording devise with the blue line, my favorite tool. Your professional approach combined with real concern about me, made it easy to improve. The instructions you gave me were very understandable and made sense. Thru working with you my voice has become much stronger and I know better tone will follow.

Jack C. Bernstein